Greg Struhl · July 19, 2013 · Testimonials · 0 comments

We have a large back yard that was all grass, until last winter. The water bills were large, and growing steadily. We decided to sign up for the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s rebate program for removing turf. We looked at several certified landscapers on the SNWA web site and, after an interviews and proposals, decided to put our dreams of a lush garden into the hands of Chip-N-Dale’s landscape Company. The owner, Greg Struhl, showed us his vision of how he would transform our yard, and we were on board. We decided to include our sparsely landscaped front yard as well, and Greg gave an exciting plan that we fully endorsed. Work started in November and evolved over a little more than a month. During that time we had a friendly, conscientious crew on the job on a daily basis. They were inovative in dealing with on-site problems that inevitably cropped up and worked steadily to move toward our goal. Each day when they departed they left the job site clean and organized, minimizing any inconvenience to us. When it came time to spot the plants, Greg brought his design to life, much to our delight. As the details were taken care of, we received updates regularly, keeping us aware of the final steps in the process. We saw first class irrigation and lighting systems and outstanding workmanship that assured us of a beautiful, low maintenance garden. Our one year warranty on the plants and workmanship was a comforting factor as we looked forward to relaxing in a lush landscape of decorative rock-walled areas, connected by winding paver walkways and lovely turfed areas Oh by the way, the turf is deceivingly synthetic. More water savings! We’ve reduced our water bill by 2/3rds as the summer has progressed. Chp-N-Dale’s Landscape made our dream of a garden paradise come true and left us as totally satisfied customers. We recommend the company for any landscaping project.

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