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We hired Chip-N-Dales for an extensive backyard landscaping project/outdoor living room, which included water features (fountains), fire pit, built-in kitchen (including fridge and BBQ), patio covers, etc.

As a new neighborhood, we had the opportunity to see quite a few projects and work from different landscapers.  We spoke with neighbors and based on the outcome of their projects and the level of satisfaction, we chose Chip-N-Dales.

The owner and staff of Chip-N-Dales worked with us to develop a great plan – this required a number of meetings and they made themselves available to meet with us at our house and their office numerous times to ensure we were satisfied.

Chip-N-Dales brought in a dedicated crew that worked every day vs. other landscapers that sporadically showed up at neighbor’s homes.  They cleaned up every day, including the street in front of our house and were extremely professional.  The majority of the work is done by Chip-N-Dales staff, the exception being some specialty items, e.g., granite countertops and overhead “Alumi wood” patio covers.

As with any project and any landscaper, we experienced a few bumps along the way, but Chip-N-Dales did a great job of addressing issues vs. arguing or not addressing things. One instance is the replacement of two different granite countertops that Chip-N-Dales proactively stated were not acceptable and made the vendor replace the top(s).

In summary, Chip-N-Dales does very high quality work and truly cares about customer satisfaction and customer service.

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