10/25/12 Letter of recommendation for Chip-N-Dale’s Landscaping Inc. Them are many criteria to be used & evaluated when selecting a contractor. Even when being cautious the selection process mistakes &/or  regrets sometimes occur. In our selection of a landscape contractor we tried to use due diligence. We (my wife & I) attended tw0 sessions provided by the Southern Nevada Water Authority with special reference to drip irrigation & landscape design. The SNWA provided information on how to hire, screen, & close the contract with a, landscape designer & installer. We reviewed the list of 89 landscapers that had completed and passed the the program on water, conservation provided by the SNWA. Each company on the list had a web site & phone number. We reviewed all the contractors websites, evaluated their presentations (primarily photos) & read testimonials. From the 89 we selected four forr serious consideration. After interviews, the company that stood out was Chip-N-Dale’s Custom Landscaping Inc. Interviews with Greg Struhl, President of Chip-N-Dale’s, convinced us he could change our old, tired,  conventional tree & grass landscape into something that would provide curb appeal & beauty to bring out the somewhat unusual features of our home. Landscape architectural plans […]
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