Dianne and Steve Clark

Greg Struhl · August 03, 2012 · Testimonials · 0 comments

Dear Greg,

It has been awhile, since we have visited, but Steve and I both want you to know we love our yard, that was created by you and your company.

It is truly beautiful and has grown so much, you wouldn’t recognize it.  It is lush and so well designed and grew into the elegance, I had asked you to create in the beginning.

I want to thank you all for making us so happy and let you know, you have wonderful people working for you.

Miguel, is a tremendous asset to your company!  Very hard to find

honest, hardworking and detail oriented people in this day and age.

He has been wonderful for Steve and I to work with, very easy to communicate with and when I ask for a job to be well done, I can depend on that to happen.  He is excellent and I wanted to express that to you on my own accord.

Carmelo and Amadore, have been the men coming once a week.  They are hard workers and once a week leave the yard so beautiful!  We are so pleased with both of these fine men.

Miguel, had asked for some pictures of the yard, so I decided on my own to add this little letter to you, to let you know you are running a top notch company and as I mentioned above, it is because of some of the things I have mentioned in this e-mail, I have been so pleased.

Hope all is well with you and again, thank you!    Steve and I adore the yard!



Dianne and Steve Clark

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