James, Leslie and Lola Fautt

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November 28, 2012

Chip-N-Dales Landscaping:

My Wife and I bought our home new, 8 years ago.  It is our first new home, built from scratch.  We were beyond excited.  At that time we were given 90 days to complete the landscaping plan for our unfinished backyard.  We called many contractors, most of which never showed up.  Chip-N-Dales and one other contractor met with us to discuss our yard plans.  After much deliberation we chose to go with the other company because they were much cheaper.  This was the biggest mistake I have made to date.  The “contractor” made a huge mess of our home.  Nothing was right; nothing was done per the plan.  Every aspect of the job was wrong, as well as the price wound up exceeding the Chip-N-Dales quote we had received.  They kept adding costs as the job dragged on.  We left the yard the way it was for several years until we finally could not take it anymore.

This past spring we came to a point where we could afford to make the changes to our home that would finally give us piece of mind.  We again called around to several contractors to get quotes and ideas.  After meeting with Greg, we came to the conclusion that I wish we would have years ago.  Chip-N-Dales are the best in town.  Everything they do exudes quality and integrity.  From the planning stages to the finishing touches, they never stopped amazing us.  I have lived in Las Vegas for 19 years and they are the only company to ever impress me with their customer service.

Greg provided us with a number of different options for our yard, and tweaked them multiple times to reach a plan that was aesthetically stunning and within our budget.  He then provided us with a detailed step by step pricing sheet, down to each individual plant type and pricing breakdown.

The crews were always friendly promptly on time, and diligent.  Ruben who is the project manager always took the time to explain every aspect of the project and always took the time to answer questions we had, no matter when we called him.  If we did not like the way something looked they addressed it immediately.

At jobs end, there was a walk-through were Ruben explained how everything works, and addressed any concerns.  The yard looks amazing.  Even after the job was complete one of the guys came out to add fertilizer to the in-line unit we have.  He noted that the fountain was not working and brought it to my attention.  He told me he would come back to get it working right.  This was before I could tell him that the fountain was operating on a switch.  I explained this to him and thanked him for his time.

In my opinion there is nobody better qualified to do the job, and nobody else will ever work on my yard.  There may be cheaper companies in town, but I very seriously doubt any of them can come close to the quality and pride that Chip-N-Dales puts into everything they do.  Please feel free to contact me for a reference or any questions or concerns.


James, Leslie and Lola Fautt

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