Larry Huiner

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September 24, 2013

Mr, Greg Struhl President Chip-N-Dales Custom Landscaping 3001 Westwood Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109

Re: Huiner Residence

Backyard Landscape Renovation

Dear Greg,

Wanted to thank you and your tradespeople for the great job you did on renovating our backyard. Joan and I are very pleased with the landscape and hardscape that you selected to replace our existing lawn.

The Belgard planters and pavers exceeded our expectations for quality and appearance. In hiring Chip-N-Dales we expected the patio area to look like it was done by a professional. You did not disappoint.

The low branching patio trees you selected for the planters are perfect for the shading we wanted on the patio. We also appreciated the assistance on selection of the other plants. Very helpful to have someone point out why you do not want something and suggest some alternatives. All of the plants you have provided over the past two years have done well.

Appreciated the politeness and professionalism of your tradespeople. They did a good job on scheduling the work and daily clean up. This is very important in the environment of a gated community where the “rules”‘ need to be followed as to street obstructions and safety.
Please give our best regards to your supervisors, Miguel and Geronimo. They both are very conscientious and take pride in their work_
Feel free to use us as a reference for other potential customers. I can be reached at

Larry Huiner

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