Laurie & Mark

Greg Struhl · September 12, 2011 · Testimonials · 0 comments

We sent this letter to the B.B.B and want you all over at Chip-N-Dale’s Landscaping to know that we think you’re the best!


Laurie & Mark


To Whom It May Concern:

I felt compelled to share with your agency the reasons my family and I feel CHIP-N-DALE’S CUSTOM LANDSCAPING should be recognized for service above and beyond excellence.  Our experience with their service this past year has been one that truly deserves mentioning.  From our initial contact with their sales depart-to installation-and then customer service follow-up, they have given 110% of their effort and resources.  In contracting their services, we had expected a back yard installation that would be beautiful, functional, and affordable-within our budget.  Without the experience and professional eye for landscape mistakes, subcontractor sloppiness, and inferior workmanship, we could have easily been taken advantage of, especially financially.  And boy did we have some “doozies”!  Instead, when disasters hit, and they did, CHIP-N-DALE’S LANDSCAPE management had much of our landscape redone and replaced with materials and design far more superior than what we originally budgeted for!

We are thrilled with our finally finished landscape and feel it was definitely worth the wait; which helps us forget the frustration we had to experience along the way!  Our ongoing relationship with the company has made us proud of our landscape and proud to refer this company to any and all who have or want a landscape!

We hope this information can be shared with any individuals that may contact your agency in their diligence period shopping for landscape services.  Too often we hear of a company’s mistakes, yet never are made aware of their competition’s “excellence”.  We hope to illustrate that distinction.  This company has most definitely earned it!



Mark & Laurie Wildes    

Ram Creek Lane

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