Mark and Denise

Greg Struhl · April 02, 2013 · Testimonials · 0 comments

Dear Greg & the Chip-N-Dale team,

Thank you so much for creating a beautiful outdoor living space for our family.  Our house is our home and not just wood, nails, and concrete. We simply stated that we wanted a modernized Zen garden with outdoor grill and you took it the rest of the way.  We feel “transformed” as we take the first step out of our home to the garden. We simply forget that we are in a desert.  The best part is that the flowers have yet to bloom and the herb garden is not yet planted, so we still have more to get excited about.  Anytime there was an issue during the process, you and your team addressed it in a swift & professional manner. Excellence is difficult to find these days & I will recommended Chip-N-Dale to anyone researching a similar project.  Thanks.

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