Melissa Saragosa

Greg Struhl · June 25, 2013 · Testimonials · 0 comments

Dear Greg and All the Employees at Chip-N-Dales Custom Landscaping, Inc.:

I could not be happier with my new backyard!  After eight and a half years being unhappy with the appearance of my backyard, I am so glad I finally did something about it and so glad that I chose Chip-N-Dale’s for the job.  As my kids grew older, the old sand pit was no longer used and had practically disappeared.  The space that housed the play set, then trampoline, for years was just a large patch of dirt growing weeds.  I was so embarrassed by my backyard that I did not want to even sit by the pool myself, much less invite friends over.

What I really wanted was more seating areas, new plants in the barren space, and new life to the plant bed section surrounding the pool.  Your landscape design gave me exactly what I wanted and included price point options for various features that I could choose from to fit within my budget.  I love sitting in my new backyard and enjoying al of the color and beauty of the plants you suggested.  You were even able to work in some unique features like a quasi-pitching mound where my son enjoys throwing the baseball.

Your staff and employees were on time, courteous, and professional.  They came to work, got the job done, and cleaned up everything when they left.  The majority of my plants have been thriving from their installation and the few that weren’t have been immediately replaced under your guarantee/warranty with no questions asked.

While I was initially hesitant to invest so much money into my landscaping, I can honestly say every penny was worth the professionalism, custom design, spot-on recommendations for plants that thrive in the desert and look amazing, and overall experience with your company.  Thank you!

I can’t wait to start working on re-doing my front yard and adding that built in barbeque I wanted!

Melissa Saragosa

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