Rich and Jan Matta

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June 25, 2011

Dear Chip n’ Dales,

It was your landscaping company that created the yard we love, sixteen years ago, so, when we decided to put in pavers and create a more beautiful and comfortable space in which to entertain friends, we first thought of you! Well, from the first visit with Kevin, your designer, to the final paver being laid, you left us ecstatic! Never have we had a company exceed our expectations by so large a margin. Talk about “getting what you paid for”! My wife and I just witnessed a miracle! Your crew came in and changed the character of our yard in just two days. Interestingly enough, we were sure it would take a week but, oh no, two days. We were so impressed with your workers. They are tireless. We have never seen anyone more dedicated to getting the job done in an efficient amount of time and, of the utmost, to perfection. They aren’t just workers, they are artistes. What they created in our yard is absolutely beautiful.

In addition, we loved the concept of your designer, Kevin. Can you imagine, at one time, I had thought about doing it myself! I would have ended up with two areas with a rectangular pattern in the most economic, utility, Le., ugly design and would have never known better. But now, we have this beautiful, flowing design that anyone who sees it says, “Wow, what an amazing job!” Then they look at me and say, ready for this, “Did you do this?” My answer, “Yeh, right”! I tell them it took a very experienced crew two days, can you imagine how long it would have taken me and for what, a compromised result. I assured them that a homeowner could not experience the same results as “Chip n’ Dales”!

So, thank you so much for what you did for us. You can bet we will recommend you to all our friends with no reservations. In all our years, we are in retirement, you have given us one of our more positive experiences in dealing with a company, one who not only delivered as promised, but went above and beyond their promise, that of beautifying our yard and home and we could never thank you enough. Our neighbors, after having seen your trucks and equipment at our home were rather curious and, we have had a pretty steady stream of folks coming through to see what we have done and all of them are most complimentary and extremely impressed with the final results.

In closing, I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the courtesy and fastidiousness of your workers. Naturally, with the nature of the job, there were pallets of pavers and rock and sand in the street in front of our house. That being said, when they left after the second day, you would never know anyone had worked at our home. It was absolutely pristine when they left. We couldn’t believe how they had cleaned up after themselves. I said to my wife, that’s what you call PRIDE! It is no wonder you have been in business so many years. You guys are the BEST! We wish you many more years of success. And, you’re going to be hearing from us soon to get started on another project. Can you tell we’re excited?

With utmost sincerity,

Rich and Jan Matta

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