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Greg Struhl · June 01, 2015 · Testimonials · 0 comments

I would like to comment on our recent experience with Chip-n-Dales Landscaping
We ( my wife & I ) called to request an estimate for landscaping in our Courtyard style home. Nick arrived and although our request was not a large job, we were immediately made to feel as if we were spending a million dollars. Nick made some excellent suggestions, one of which was lighting. My wife did not want the expense, however, Nick was very adamant that lighting would make all the difference in the world. On a subsequent visit Nick, Franco and Mike all arrived at our home to evaluate the job. They all made us feel extremely special, like we were your only customers. The HOA approval process was painful as usual and Nick was vey helpful in navigating through the ordeal. In addition to landscaping, we had our exterior fireplace bricked. This job was done separately from the landscaping which was hung up with HOA denials.
We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the way the brick work turned out. Exactly what we wanted.
Landscaping: Day one of the yard work, Mike arrived to go over EXACTLY where each and every plant was to go and to confirm all the work to be done. He in turn explained the project to the work team leader and they were off to work. The workers were extremely caring and worked hard until the job was completed. What impressed us was the cleanliness of the job. There was an obvious lack of clutter in the yard area and at the end of each day, the crew cleaned, swept and air blew the area clean. The worker team leader checked with us at various times throughout the work to ensure he was on track with our desires.
Costs: We were given an initial estimate and as we tweaked the job, the cost was fairly adjusted, both up and down, depending on the work and material provided. We feel we received excellent work at a fair price.
In conclusion, the finished job was exactly what we wanted and Nick’s lightening suggestion was spot on. We couldn’t be happier.
We thank all they players in this relatively small job who worked so diligently to make us happy. Thank you for hiring such competent and enthusiastic associates.
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Ron & Teri Boudreaux

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