Sanders Prescott

Greg Struhl · December 09, 2013 · Testimonials · 0 comments

Dear Greg,

I’d like to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work and professionalism of your entire staff at Chip-N-Dale’s Landscaping.  Moving across country into a new house is always a daunting endeavor compounded by the task of finding the right companies to make a property into a home.  Based on recommendations through word of mouth and reviews on the internet, we chose Chip-N-Dale’s to not only turn our dirt backyard into a green, lush escape, but also to help us build our own pool to complement the new landscaping.  We are so happy we went with your company, and specifically with Franco Volpone.

Your plan for our large corner lot was exceptional.  Your ability to listen to our desires and guide us to a smart yet very appealing layout was unique.  While my entire backyard was a large investment, saving money without sacrificing quality was the number one goal, in which you absolutely succeeded.  Most important, your crew was always on time, professional, and courteous.  Franco was extremely helpful with coordinating the landscaping and the contractors building our pool.  When I needed him at the property, he was always willing to drop what he was doing and come on over.  Most of the time, I found out he had already been to the property and was always on top of things.  I could not have done an “owner-builder” pool without his help, which kept my cost within my budget.

The results speak for themselves.  Our backyard is not only beautiful, but also practical!  It is a place we will use, not just look at.  I am ecstatic we chose Chip-N-Dale’s and we plan on using your monthly service solely based on your crew’s performance with the initial install.  We are very happy and thank you for your work.


Sanders Prescott

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