The benefits to having a professionally landscaped home are numerous. An attractive landscape is not only beautiful to look at but it is also a good investment. Good curb appeal can raise the value of the home 20% or more over a similar home without professional or well-maintained landscaping. Not only can a professionally landscaped home enhance the architecture but also give it its own unique character and charm. The environment also benefits from a professionally landscaped home. Plants and trees assist in cleaning our air and strategically placed trees can also help with lowering energy costs during our hot summer months.





One of the best ways to enjoy your backyard landscaping year round is with the addition of an outdoor fire feature. Whether you are looking to create a great conversation area for friends and family or an inviting romantic space, an outdoor fire feature makes the perfect centerpiece for entertaining at night.





A professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system can transform your home or outdoor living space into the perfect evening retreat. Lighting adds beauty, style, safety, and value to your home. Exterior lighting not only illuminates pathways and walkways to prevent accidents but is also a known deterrent to would be thieves and burglars looking for an easy target. Accent lighting adds a great deal of visual appeal and character to your home by creating silhouettes and the casting of soft shadows which create depth and interest to your home’s architecture and landscaping. A professionally installed lighting system will give your home an impressive look adding curb appeal and value to your home.



Landscaping is an investment that needs to be cared for. Our skilled staff can assist you in keeping your home looking its best year round. We specialize in creating customized maintenance packages for your property. Our maintenance programs include comprehensive turf care including aeration and thatching, trimming of trees and palms, shaping and pruning of bushes. We offer fertilization and soil enhancement, pest and disease management, annual color replacement, power washing of driveways and patios, pet waste removal along with detailed cleanups.




It has been said that excellence is in the details. Enhancing your home or landscape through the use of stone or glass is an excellent way to create character. Adding stone to the front of your home or colorful custom glass to a barbecue island or pool with the addition of these materials you are certain to create that custom and unique look. Natural stone and concrete pavers are another beautiful enhancement; they are extremely durable and engineered to distribute weight much better than concrete. Pavers come in a multitude of colors and patterns that complement the exterior color and architecture of your home. Using masonry is an excellent way to customize and add value to your home.


Outdoor Kitchen

The addition of outdoor cooking centers in landscape designs are becoming an increasingly popular trend. Our climate is perfectly suited for year round outdoor entertaining. Grilling outdoors is healthy, fun and less expensive than eating at restaurants. Outdoor cooking centers add value to the home and increase the outdoor entertaining space. Friends, family and good food are a recipe for fun.




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Incorporating a unique or sentimental piece of art or statuary into your landscape is a great way to add interest to your outdoor space. Statuary can be used as a focal point or conversation piece. Often places that are natural focal points are ideally suited for statuary. Consider softening a corner, placing atop an alcove, or that empty space next to the front door, there are any number of places where statuary will enhance your landscape. Consider placing a statue near a bench or other seating area. Or, place a statue where it can easily be seen through a window or from the deck or patio creating a vignette. Statues of all sizes add beauty and visual interest to any landscape.


Water Features

Water has healing effects, the sound and feel of it can provide numerous health benefits. Therefore it is not surprising that meditation and water are a natural combination. Water is the symbol of serenity, purity, and clarity of thought. There are many guided meditations that use water imagery as part of the meditation, and sounds of waterfalls, babbling brooks, or ocean waves to help the natural rhythms of the body. Water is soothing, it is inspiring. Adding a water feature to your landscape not only provides visually pleasing and soothing sounds but also can be used as a focal point in the landscape design.