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Greg Struhl · April 02, 2013 · Testimonials · 0 comments

Chip-N-Dales landscaping just finished landscaping my backyard a couple of weeks ago and I could not be happier with how it turned out! I am a first-time home buyer and was on a pretty tight budget, so I made sure to do plenty of research before selecting my landscaper. I reviewed nearly twenty landscaping companies online, scheduled evaluations and quotes with six of them, and eventually picked Chip-N-Dales. While I listened to all six proposals before making a decision, I had a pretty good idea from the first time I met Greg which company I was going with.

Greg takes his job very seriously and he treats your backyard like it’s his own. It shows in every part of the design, from the layout to the plant selection to the lighting. I was expecting him to do a truly great job and he did not disappoint. I was pretty clear with everyone I met with about what I envisioned for the backyard, so I thought I was going to be mostly comparing line-by-line pricing as I received the different quotes. However, when Greg came back with his proposal he had designed something very different from what I had laid out. It included everything I’d asked for (most importantly the built-in fire pit and Jacuzzi) and more, and it did so in a way that made my backyard look and feel way bigger than I ever thought it could. It looks absolutely amazing and I have gotten so many compliments from everyone who’s seen my house since they finished up.

On a separate note, I want to comment on the professionalism of the Chip-N-Dale’s team. Greg was always on-time for our meetings,┬áprompt in replying to emails, and presented himself, his company, and his work in a professional manner. He is well-educated in his field and was willing and able to answer all of my (numerous) questions about the process, the plant selection, and the rationale behind the design choices he made. His installation team was also excellent. They got the work done in an efficient manner and kept the rest of my side and front yard clean while doing so. If I had to do it all again, I would absolutely still pick Chip-N-Dales, and if I ever build another home, I know exactly who to call. Thank you Greg!

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